The puzzle solving picture book App "NAZO" has been released worldwide!!

STUDIO4℃ has participated in production of entire visual of the riddle-picture book App "NAZO." This book-style adventure game has been released worldwide on September 23rd!
(Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese)

"NAZO" (which means "mysteries" in Japanese) is a book-style adventure App game. Staged on a mysterious theater "Theater NAZO," you will solve mysteries and get a chance to obtain REAL "treasures."
STUDIO4℃ took part in production of entire visuals (scenes, characters) over 1000 pages, and successfully created peculiar and high dense worldview.

"Share the Dream Project," which aimes to gather donations from all over the world who play "NAZO" to turn the lives of children with little hope into lives bursting with hopes and dreams, has been launched along with the realease of "NAZO." All the payments made through the game will be donated for children.

Character Designer・All line drawings ( key animation and background):Takahiro Tanaka
Color Design・DIP: Kumi Araki
Background Art: Osamu Hasada
Assistant Producer: Tomoko Ogiwara
Producer: Eiko Tanaka
Production (Scene/Character Visuals):STUDIO 4℃

NAZO Official Site