2015 Noitamina Movie The Second 【Project Itoh】
STUDIO4℃ is in production of "HARMONY"!

●2014.12.19 “HARMONY” promotional-animation video is now unveiled on YouTube!●

●2015.2.20 “HARMONY” Special News Video is open!●

A trilogy animation project: Project Itoh.
Based on original novels by Project Itoh, “GENOCIDAL ORGAN” “HARMONY” “THE EMPIRE OF CORPSES,” three movies are to be made by three animation studios.
The one of the most popular illustrators redjuice has participated in all three movies with original character designs.
STUDIO4℃ is in production of “HARMONY” with double directors Takashi Nakamura and Michael Arias!

HARMONY: a monumental dystopia-Sci-Fi novel in the 2000s.
STUDIO4℃ creators challenge to visualize the peculiar worldview of the original novel and the near future 60 years from now.

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