STUDIO4℃ launched “Red Ash -Magicicada-”!!

A very first Kickstarter project
“Red Ash THE ANIMATION -Magicicada-” has been started!

RED ASH is an innovative project by STUDIO4℃ and comcept, a game production company, in which top anime and game creators will produce a unique animation and game, developed in parallel worlds, based on our own interpretation of two common factors:“original image of main characters”and “story concept: treasure hunting.”

What’s Red Ash -Magicicada-?
A treasure-hunting animation project presented by STUDIO4℃ All-stars!
Stage (duration) of the characters’ adventures will increase based on financial goals achieved through Crowdfunding, with the ultimate goal of creating an theatrical animation film for global release.
The story unfolds as the main characters travel through various stages.
How many artists will participate in the work? How will the story turn out? It’s all up to YOU, the backers of this project!
Support us to make this challenging but ultimately entertaining animation project happen!

▶︎Support the project from Kickstarter page!◀︎

Also when we reach the initial goal ($150,000), there will be a special reward on 「STUDIO4℃FUN&」, a new crowdfunding site launched by STUDI4℃!

★ What’s STUDIO4℃FUN&?★
STUDIO4℃ established our own crowd funding platform “STUDIO4℃FUN&” only for STUDIO4℃’s new creative projects, hoping to make them happen with a direct link to our users.
Funding for “Red Ash THE ANIMATION” through STUDIO4℃FUN& will start after achieving our initial goal. There will be a special reward for the project exclusive on STUDIO4℃FUN&. Keep an eye on update news!
There are also new exciting projects and product plans to come out!


・ Red Ash -Magicicada-: Kickstarter Campaign page

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・ comcept official website


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