Tatsuyuki Tanaka Artbook “CANNABIS WORKS 2" is now on sale!

The second artbook of Tatsuyuki Tanaka, who has been playing active rolls such as animation creator and illustrator. The book includes his artworks of over 10+ years from 2003 to 2016. Now it's available on Beyond Shop and Beyond Shop Global!

Illustrations vary from design sketches for animation and games, artworks such as book cover designs, music CD jacket, the main visual of Tokyo Anime Award 2015, weapon designs of live action movie “GANTZ,” and character designs of “SHORT PEACE: A Farewell to Arms.” Also never-published image illustrations, rough sketches and newly drawn visual story for this artbook: “VISITOR” (22 pages) are included!

Title:Tatsuyuki Tanaka Artbook CANNABIS WORKS 2
Price: 2,700 yen (Tax incl.)
B5 size, hard cover, 160 pages

Language: Japanese Get the artbook here: Beyond Shop Global


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