STUDIO4℃ TOPICS|Funding for Tekkonkinkreet Film STORYBOARD BOOK is open!


Funding for Tekkonkinkreet Film STORYBOARD BOOK is open!

A crowdfunding project starts today (July 13th) at 7:00 PM (JST) until August 12th 9:00 PM on STUDIO4℃’s crowdfunding website: STUDIO4℃FUN&.
When pledged amount reaches the target goal 800,000 yen, the storyboard book, special T-shirt, and limited plastic folder will be confirmed to be created!!

Tekkonkinkreet Film STORYBOARD BOOK is a complete book of all 12-volume storyboards! The cover jacket is a new artwork drawn for the book by the character designer & supervising animation director Shojiro Nishimi.

■Tekkonkinkreet Film STORYBOARD BOOK
■Release date: September 6th (Kuro’s day) (tentative)

A5 size, Soft cover, 672 pages, Retail price 2,500 yen
(Texts are in Japanese.)
※ Details and contents are subject to change.

Don’t miss the chance to get special items (Special T-shirt and Limited Plastic Folder) with newly drawn artworks by Shojiro Nishimi!

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