【Tekkonkinkreet】 10th anniversary events will be held in OSAKA!!

The anniversary events, which started in FUKUSHIMA on April 6th (Shiro's day), are finally confirmed to be held in Osaka from September 6th (Kuro's day)!!

Event title: Tekkonkinkreet 10th Anniversary Special Decoration Cafe
Schedule: September 6th - 19th
Details: Exhibitions of production materials including storyboards
Venue: Cafe & books biblioteque Osaka・Umeda E-ma B1F

Event title: Tekkonkinkreet 10th Anniversary Exhibition
Schedule: October 6th - November 6th
Details: Exhibitions of key animations, image boards, character designs, background arts, installation and a new projection! Venue: Osaka・Umeda LOFT

There will be a rivival screening in Osaka. Schedule will be announced on the 10th Anniversary Special Website!

<NEW ITEM: Tekkonkinkreet Film STORYBOARD BOOK>
A complete book of all 12-volume storyboards! You can get it at the events in Osaka or on our webshop: Beyond Shop Global from September 6th.

■ Release date: September 6th (Kuro’s day)
■ A5 size, Soft cover, 672 pages, Retail price 2,500 yen
(Texts are in Japanese.)


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