Starts on September 6th (Kuro’s day)! "Tekkonkinkreet Film Desk Calendar 2017" is available on STUDIO4℃FUN&.

As a celebration of 10th anniversary since the theatrical release of STUDIO4℃ film “Tekkonkinkreet,” Desk Calendar will be created! It’s a limited item only available on STUDIO4℃FUN&. Don’t miss it!

■Tekkonkinkreet Film Desk Calendar 2017
Price: 1,000 yen
Project schedule: September 6th (Tue)〜 November 5th (Sat) until 9:00 PM (JST)

Desk calendar for 2017 with 12 visuals including a first-unveiled image board!
Calendars will be sent out sequentially from November 7th.
※Tekkonkinkreet Film Desk Calendar 2017 is a limited item only available at STUDIO4℃FUN&
※These are sample images and designs are subject to change.

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