MIND GAME comes back as Blu-ray and DVD!

13 years since the theatrical release. The masterpiece, which still attracts many audiences, MIND GAME comes back as Blu-ray and DVD!
The crowdfunding project starts on STUDIO4℃FUN& at 7:00 pm on 30th March (JST)!

There are limited items you can only get through the crowdfunding project! Don’t miss them!"

The crowdfunding project on STUDIO4℃FUN& aims to create Blu-ray and DVD of the animated feature film MIND GAME.
If this project on STUDIO4℃FUN& reaches the goal: 600,000 yen by May 31st (7:00 pm/JST), supporters who pledge on STUDIO4℃FUN& will receive the MIND GAME Premium Edition (Blu-ray & DVD) and limited items (Return).
We also set “stretch goals” for more substantial return.

* This will be a worldwide release and because home video has not been released in some areas, the Return includes both Blu-ray and DVD.
*The Blu-ray & DVD will have English subtitles and will be Region Free.

“MIND GAME” Premium Edition (Blu-ray & DVD)  ¥5,000  (Retail Price ¥6,000)
・“MIND GAME” Blu-ray (English subtitles, Region Free)
・“MIND GAME” DVD (English subtitles, Region Free)
・ 8 page booklet and special hardcover digipack
・“MIND GAME” 4 art cards (Crowdfunding Limited)
・“MIND GAME” 3 stickers (Crowdfunding Limited)

Support the project and watch MIND GAME in high definition!


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