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SHORT FILM 1997/15min

A short animation produced in 1997 by Studio4°C, together with Bandai Visual. It tells of the battle between the Noiseman monster that robs the people of music and controls the town, and the boys and girls who have been freed from the noise spells by the truth of music. The director is the creator who represents Studio 4°C, Koji Morimoto.
Appointing Masaaki Yuasa to handle character design, environment settings, and animation directing, a never-before-seen feeling for color and a sense for molding brings new perspective to animation. The music, so full of a sense of speed was composed by Yoko Kanno.
From the beginning, this was produced with the intent to distribute on DVD. The substantial inclusion of digital technology in both the visual and musical facets of production created quite a sensation. The combination of quick story development and appealing visuals within a short time span of a mere 15 minutes secured a following of die-hard fans and turned it into a cult hit.


Executive Producer Takashi Mogi
Planning Shigeru Watanabe
Producer Kazuhiko Ikeguchi / Eiko Tanaka
Director / Character Designer / Supervising Animator Koji Morimoto
Animation Designer / Character Designer / Supervising Animator
Music Yoko Kanno
Art Director Shuichi Hirata
CGI Director Akiko Saito
Technical Director Shinichi Matsumi
Produced by Bandai Visual